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Video Acquisition Module for ISee PC Imaging Software

The ISee Video Acquisition Module allows the user to setup and acquire B&W and Color single frame images and movies from a wide array of analog video sources that include analog CCD cameras, analog tube cameras, and video tape recorders. The ISee Video Acquisition Module is a standard feature of ISee Imaging Software. Designed to be used in conjunction with the LML-33 Video Acquisition Card, the ISee Video Acquisition Module can acquire a series of images at real time speeds and store them in QuickTime movie format. From the "Record Movie Setup Screen", the user can define the length of recording time of the movie, the degree of image compression, and time lapse. To provide the user with the highest degree of versatility, a wide array of user interactive setup screens are available for determining the input source, frame averaging, setting the source channel, determining the frame size, and adjusting the images' contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation.



Video Acquisition Module for ISee MAC Imaging Software

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Last modified: 11/15/06