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Welcome to ISee Imaging Systems

Digital Acquisition Module for Roper Cameras

The ISee Digital Acquisition Module for Roper's Cooled Digital CCD Cameras has been developed to control all the features available on the CoolSnap Fx, Sensys, Quantix, Series 300, S300 Cryo and the discontinued PXL. The ISee Digital Acquisition Module for Roper's cameras supports all the available imaging CCD available for these cameras. Please note that on the Series 300 cameras only 1X and 4X user gains are available as per the camera's specifications.


Key Features of the Roper Digital Acquisition Modules   

bullet16-bit image acquisition, display, and processing
bulletImage Size up to 4K by 4K by 48-bits
bulletAutomatic Shading and Background Correction
bulletDigital Fast Focus display
bulletInteractive roam, pan, and zoom
bulletIntegrated Filter Wheel and XYZ Stage Control
bulletExternal Trigger
bulletUser Selectable
bulletExposure Time (auto/manual)
bulletIndependent Parallel and Serial Binning
bulletIndependent On Chip Sub-Arrays
bulletSensitivity Mode
    - 1x and 4x for Series 300
    - 1x to 4x for PXL
    - 3 modes for Quantix and Sensys.






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Last modified: 11/15/06