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Polytec PI Piezo Focusing Unit

The Piezoelectric Z Focus Attachment provides the user with ultra precise Z incremental steps for such applications as optical sectioning for 3D Deconvolution and 4D Time Lapse Imaging. The Piezoelectric attachment, with the microscope objective attached to it, is mounted on the microscope's nosepiece. Complete software control is provided by the ISee Z Focus Control Module which is a standard component of ISee Analytical Imaging Software.

PI Piezo Focus Unit Specifications include:   

Position Accuracy: 10 nm
Deviation from Linearity: less than 0.1%
Residual Hysteresis: less than 1% of travel
Positioning Range: 90 micron
Resonant Frequency: 350 Hz
Angular Deviation: less than n 6 arcsec
Runout in % of Travel: less than 0.1%







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Last modified: 11/15/06