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TILL Monochromator

The TILL Polychrome III Monochromator is an excitation based, high speed, multi-wavelength illumination system designed to provide both high intensity output and fast alternation between any wavelength. The Polychrome III is comprised of a xenon light source, a galvanometric scanner, a mounting grating, and mirror optics. A solid quartz fiber couples the Polychrome III to the microscope via an epi-fluorescence condenser specifically designed for each brand of microscope. The Polychrome II provides a bright, 6-8mw, of even illumination at the objective plane with a bandwidth 15nm and a homogeneity of better than 10%. The Polychrome III has the ability to move between any two wavelength (250 - 680nm) is less than 3ms. For ratio imaging the jump between 340nm and 380nm can be achieved in 1.5ms. Complete software control is provided by the TILL Monochromator Control Module which is a standard component of ISee Analytical Imaging Software.

TILL Monochromator Specifications include:

bullet750 Watt Xenon Lamp
bulletHighly Stabilized Power Supply
bulletWavelength Selection via Galvanometric Scanner
bulletWavelength Range from 320nm to 680nm
bulletBandwidth from 8nm to 15nm
bulletFactory Calibrated
bulletLess than 3msec Wavelength Selection
bulletQuartz Fiber Optic Attachment
bulletZoom Epi-Fluorescence Attachment for Microscopes






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Last modified: 11/15/06