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Welcome to ISee Imaging Systems

ESee 3D Deconvolution Module

The ESee 3D Deconvolution Module is an affordable add-on feature for ISee Analytical Imaging Software. Designed to be used in conjunction with the ESee Graphical Interface, the ESee 3D Deconvolution Module provides the user with a quick and easy to use interface for setting up and deconvolving stacks of images. Based on the constrained iterative algorithm and using an acquired point spread function (PSF), a 1K by 1K by 32 image stack can be deconvolved in under 3 minutes using 8 iterations. Once the image stack has been deconvolved, the user can then render image stack for visualization in 3D.





From the Deconvolution Main Screen, the user can:

bulletSpecify the Point Spread Function Image List
bulletSpecify the Image List to be deconvolved
bulletSelect the number of iterations
bulletPrevent the reassignment of diffuse fluorescence
bulletRun the deconvolution operation in the background
bulletVisualize the XZ Cross Sections


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Last modified: 11/15/06