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      FRET / Ratio Imaging Module




ISee Imaging's FRET & RatioTool Software Module is a full featured, excitation and emission, FRET and ratio-imaging software module that is a standard component of ISee Analytical Imaging Software. The versatility of the FRET & RatioTool Module allows the user to view all the setup parameters and change parameters on the fly as the images are being acquired at acquisition speeds up to 30 frames per second.

Key Benefits

bulletSetup and Control Hardware Components
bulletAcquire images from video and CCD cameras
bulletProcess Raw Data
bulletDefine multiple ROIs within an Image
bulletAnalyze Processed Images and ROIs
bulletDefine Calibration and Set Calibration Modes
bulletPlot the Analyzed Data during Acquisiton
bulletArchive Raw and Processed Data
bulletCreate Data Output Tables in ASCII Format



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Last modified: 11/15/06