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Welcome to ISee Imaging Systems

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ISee PC Imaging Software


ISee PC Imaging Software is an easy to use, full featured, analytical imaging software package that provides the user with over 110 image, acquisition, hardware control, processing, analysis, and presentation functions. In addition to these standard imaging functions, ISee PC Imaging Software also includes applications modules for specialized imaging applications that include FRET/Ratio imaging, 3D Deconvolution, Cell/Particle Tracking, and Probe Co-localization. Developed for the RedHat Linux operating systems, and easily configured for Windows/Linux dual boot, ISee PC Imaging Software allows the user to maximize the full imaging potential of the Pentium processor at the extremely affordable price of $ 5,995.

Key Benefits

bulletHighly versatile with over 110+ Imaging Functions plus FRET/Ratio Imaging and Cell Tracking
bulletHigh Speed / High Resolution 3D Deconvolution
bulletSimple, Easy to Use Graphical Interfaces
bulletWindows / Linux Dual Boot


Fully integrated, ISee Analytical Imaging Systems are available for a wide array of imaging applications that include B&W /Color image documentation, ratio imaging, optical sectioning/3D Deconvolution, 4D imaging, video-based cell / particle tracking, and multi-wavelength fluorescent imaging.


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Last modified: 11/15/06