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Welcome to ISee Imaging Systems

ISee's Image Processing Functions

Processing an acquired image or images typically involves the enhancement of features within an image and selecting features within the image for data analysis. ISee Analytical Image Software provides the user with an almost unlimited number of processing functions for contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, detection, smoothing and sharpening filters and haze removal filters. In addition, the user can create multiple regions of interest within a single image or images within a list to which these filters can be applied.


Standard ISee Processing Functions include:

Create Single and Multiple ROI's
Per Image Per Stacks of Images
Arithmetic Functions
Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division
Logical Functions
Geometric Functions
Rotate Scale Reflect Transpose
Translate Warping
Morphometric Functions
Erosion Dilation Opening
Closing Skeletonization
Process Control Functions
Go If Loop Parallel Prompt
Split Sync Wait Merge
Image Filters
Edge Filters (Sharpening)
Sobel Prewitt Roberts Laplacian
Convolution Filters (Bluring)
3 X 3 5 X 5 7 X 7 User Definable
Median Filters (Smoothing)
5 X 2 3 X 3 5 X 5 7 X 7
2D Fourier Spectra Filters
Amplitude Phase Power
2D FFT Deconvolution Filters (Haze Removal)
Weiner Constrained Iterative Point Spread Calculation
Nearest Neighbor Deconvolution Filter
Image Registration Functions
Automatic Manual
Image Intensity Functions
Adaptive Histogram Equalization
Contrast Enhancement
Exponential Intensity Scaling
Logarithmic Intensity Scaling
Intensity Masking
Square Root Intensity Scaling
Threshold Intensity Scaling
Image Conversion Functions
12/16-bit .TIFF to 8-bit .TIFF
ISee Image Format to: (SGI ONLY)
.bmp .cur .eps
.fit .gif .hdf
.ico .icon .jfif
.mpnt .pbm .pcd
.pic .pict .pix
.pnm .ppm .ps
.ras .rawrgb .rgbA
.rla .rle .rpbm
.soft .synu .tga
.tiff .viff .tga
ISee Image Format to: (LINUX ONLY)
.tiff .gif .sgi
Movie Conversion Functions (SGI ONLY)
SGI Movie







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