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ISee Cell and Particle Tracking (Nanotrack) Function

The NanoTrack Function, for ISee Imaging Software, is a high speed, nanometer precision, cell and particle track function. NanoTrack allows the user to track objects with both fixed and changing shapes, with nanometer precision, at speeds greater than 30 frames per second depending on the computer specifications.


NanoTrack's versatility allows the user to automatically, interactively, or manually track objects acquired from a host of acquisition devices that can all be controlled from NanoTrack's Main Setup Screen. Multiple objects can be automatically tracked from the same sequence of images with each trace plotted in a different, user defined color, inside the NanoTrack Display Screen. The ROI Tracking Frame allows the user to interactively designate each object to be tracked and provides real time visual feedback once the tracking sequence has started.

 Applications that can be Address by Nanotrack include:

bulletMovement of Lipids
bulletKinetochore Movement During Mitosis
bulletMovement of Gold Particles
bulletDynamic Movement of Microtubules
bulletCell Movement Through a Flow Chamber
bulletCell Adhesion
bulletCell Migration

NanoTrack's real time graphical plots allow the visualization of the numerical results as they occur. Up to four tracking sequences can be plotted on a single graphical plot, each in a different user defined color. Multiple graphical plots can be viewed simultaneously as the tracking routine is running.


        Real Time Plots Available in Nanotrack include:

            X vs Y Plot - displays the calibrated X and Y positions
            dX vs T Plot - displays the change in X positions verses time
            dY vs T Plot - displays the change in Y positions verses time
            P vs T Plot - displays the perpendicular fit verses time
            L vs T Plot - displays the longitudinal fit verses time
            r vs T Plot - displays the displacement verses time
            MSD vs T Plot - displays the Mean Square Displacement verses time


Once the tracking routine has been completed, the user can select the exact type of data output parameters that will be displayed in the text screen. All the data displayed in the text screen can be stored in ASCII format for further analysis. Data from multiple tracks can be displayed in the text screen with the individual headers used as separators.    

















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